Plans and 3D Models

Architectural Plans and Controls Wiring

If you like our design, feel free to start with these plans to build something great.

Download zip

Interior Design Plans and Specifications

View our original layouts, as well as the Excel file of furnishing and lighting specs.

Download zip

Mechanical and Plumbing Plans

See how we originally designed the integrated system, the heat pump circuits and the boreholes.

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SketchUp 3D Model

The house exterior in popular SketchUp format.

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Performance Data

We have 239 channels of data, measuring power, water, weather, and temperatures. The raw data files capture each channel every minute. The All Data download also includes a single file which sums or averages every data channel over the course of the day, which is more convenient to work with when comparing total consumption.

Download All Data (1.37GB zip file)


Predicting Nighttime CO2 Emissions Rates from CAISO Data

A comparison of techniques to estimate the lowest carbon charging times.

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Ground Loop Performance

A technical report of heat exchanger performance, including wet versus dry.

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Everything We Learned about HVAC Report

Through the years we learned a lot. Dig into the details in this report.

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